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Victory Gardens, Inc. Supplies Mulching in the New Jersey Area


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2017 -- Residents or business owners who are in need of mulching in the New Jersey area are encouraged to contact Victory Gardens, Inc., a trusted local land clearing company that also provides natural products for gardeners and landscaping professionals. Landscape suppliers in Montgomery County are finding that residents and business owners are now choosing to purchase their mulch from local land cleaning companies instead of big box chain stores because the products that can be found from these outlets are generally more natural and better for both the environment and the local community than commercial products.

Mulching is a product that most gardeners and landscaping professionals use on a daily basis, but not many people think about where their mulch comes from and the effect that it has on the environment. Residents are encouraged to take a closer look at their mulch sourcing process this month and consider purchasing their mulch from a local land clearing company. When mulch is purchased from a land clearing company instead of a big box chain store, the mulch is less likely to have been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides to preserve shelf-life, and the mulch is a better environmental choice because it is a byproduct of the land clearing process - no extra trees are harmed in its making.

Home or business owners who would like to learn more about buying their mulch locally or who are in need of land clearing in New Jersey are encouraged to give Victory Gardens, Inc. a call today at 215-395-9725 to learn more about their team and the products and services that they are currently offering. Interested parties are also invited to visit Victory Gardens, Inc. online at

About Victory Gardens Inc.
Victory Gardens Inc., with locations in Warrington, Warminster, Quakertown and Bensalem, is Southeast Pennsylvania's favorite source for top-quality triple-ground hardwood mulch, topsoil, garden soil mixes and stone for both residential and commercial uses.

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