Vida Soleil Inc Offers Up to 40% off on Boys and Arrows Swimwear, Reports Last Few Items in Stock


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2012 -- Vida Soleil is offering a blowout sale on reputed swimwear brands, including up to 40% off on Boys and Arrows. The company has reported that the sale has been a success due to highly competitive discounts on high end brands. Boys and Arrows 2013 products have also seen a significant sale and the company states that now only few items remain in stock. Vida Soleil is offering sale on other brands as well, such as Acacia, Indah, Tori Praver, Lolli and many more.

Boys And Arrows Swimwear is mostly two-piece designs, with innovative and highly detailed top and bottoms. The brand’s most popular designs are braided tops and smooth finished bottoms, somewhat the brand’s signature style. However there are many different styles as well, clearly stating that Boys and Arrows are not afraid to take chances and focus on innovation. Most of the products are custom fit and adjustable, to provide the best look on different women. is offering 40 % off on many of the brand’s products. Almost every product comes with many color and size options. Yet due to increasing sale, the company has stated that only few items remain and those interested should hurry. Customers have been so impressed by the brand’s items that 2013 products of Boys and Arrows have also seen a significant demand. The company reports that Boys and Arrows has been a hit for them probably because of its innovative style and elegant fitting.

Vida Soleil has received quite a success during its blowout sale. The company is offering a hefty discount on all of the brands and not only Boys And Arrows. The company’s website has been praised by its customers. According to the customer feedback, the availability of many images for a specific product and a brief description of the item have been helpful in making purchasing decisions. Furthermore a specific size chart for all the brands is also provided to avoid any confusion. The company also has Facebook and twitter integration. Vida Soleil is also very active on tumblr. is definitely a company to watch out for in the future. Despite the winter season the company is doing fairly well and is offering a highly competitive pricing. The company states that it hopes to further expand and provide innovative and unique swimwear in the future.

About Vida Soleil
Vida Soleil is one of the leading companies in providing swimwear, cover ups, summer clothing and accessories. The company is focused on beach fashion and through their online platform,, offers variety of brands like Boys & Arrows, Acacia, Indah, Tori Praver and many more. The company is known for its exclusive sales and user friendly website.

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