VidaPak Looks to Raise $95,000 via Kickstarter to Start the Production of VidaPak Single Serve Hot and Cold Beverage Maker

Imagine being able to make both hot and cold drinks from a single machine! Coffee in the morning and lemonade with lunch!


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- V-Paks transform beverage ingredients into a cold refreshing drink in seconds. The idea was to take a single serve capsule coffee machine and transform it into a refrigeration and heating unit that can serve either cold or hot beverages on demand.  If a cold drink is selected, a patent pending technology allows the beverage ingredients to quickly dissolve cleanly and completely inside of the revolutionary V-Pak and deliver an ice cold single serve drink…..fruit drinks, energy drinks, iced tea, lemonade, protein, etc.

With the VidaPak machine and capsules (What we call V-Paks), users no longer need to tote liters of beverages from their car to the kitchen.  All they need is a lightweight compact box of VidaPak single serve capsules!

Unlike a coffee or tea hot capsule which just has a paper filter inside, the V-Pak capsule is very complex.

The team has spent months building prototype after prototype. The team is now ready to go into V-Pak production!  They need funding assistance to make this a reality.  With adequate funding, they can complete the machine mold, begin V-Pak production and be ready for a summer roll out.

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