Youtube Network Building a Better Mobile Video App


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Nicknamed “The one video viewing app to rule them all”, the Martell TV app promises to change the way mobile users view videos on YouTube and other social profiles.

According to Carey Martell, co-founder and CEO of Martell Brothers Studios Network, this app will make serious fundamental changes to the way people view YouTube and video sites.

"The app also works with blip tv, giving it some better and sorely needed discovery tools. You could, for example, bundle the Angry Video Game Nerd videos with the Irate Gamer and Angry Joe? videos to create a show container called 'Angry Game Reviewers'. Even though AVGN first uploads to and Irate and Angry Joe tend to upload first to YouTube, the videos will play back to back. This will help creators using both platforms," Martell said.

Of course, viewing videos will only be a small part of the overall ability of the app. One particular feature, new to the world of video viewing, is the ‘episode container’ feature that organizes videos from different Youtube channels into a single show, playing each video back to back in the channel timeline of the app. Martell explains in detail:

"Another benefit for this app is that episode containers will help create some structure to the videos people upload to YouTube," continued Martell, "Right now, people upload videos without concern to the length of the video. The craft of film-making? seems to be lost as people make 30 minute videos that could have been 5 minute videos. I think for online video to grow up the craft needs to be emphasized again. Martell TV will make it so that, if you want to crowdsource a news show, everyone needs to make a 3-5 minute video so there is enough space in the 30 minute / 1 hour show timeslot for everyone to have their video included in? the show."

Martell understands the innate difficulties of establishing a following on YouTube. It was part of his reason behind creating this app.

"Additionally, I think? many shows don't work well standing alone. For example, my own YouTube channel, The RPG Fanatic, is very niche and doesn't attract a large audience by itself. But if it was on TV and airing alongside things like G4's Attack of the Show, it'd probably have a big audience due to association with that more mainstream content. Martell TV's episode containers and timeline enables small creators to bundle videos with larger creators to get that exposure."

Martell, however, cannot do it alone. He is seeking help via the crowdfunding website. Learn more about Martell TV and the project by visiting their website at: