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Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2012 -- The fast growing SEO company Ribbun is known among its clientele for its wide array of services. True to its mission to utilize the latest web technology to improve the online visibility of its clients, Ribbun now offers superior video creation services for websites.

Video creation and implementation in websites has only picked up pace over the last few years. In a relatively short span of time, video sharing website YouTube has grown from its small beginnings to one of the largest and most popular websites. Rapid advances in the technology behind Internet connectivity have made it possible for even smaller devices to access high-speed Internet. Almost all popular websites provide video uploading features. At this juncture, videos are turning from a luxury to a necessity.

“Videos offer a lot of benefits”, says Mr. Mohit, the spokesperson for Ribbun. He continues, “They allow you to connect with your target audience. A good video would allow you to show more emotion and relay more information than simple text can. It is said a picture speaks a thousand words, so you can imagine what a well-made video can convey.”

If done properly, adding videos about a business can vastly improve the browsing experience of visitors. The video has to be seamlessly integrated into the website. For example, an introductory video can be placed on the home page of the website, and specific videos describing products and services can be added in their own sections. Videos help convey a lot of information about a product or service very quickly, so visitors do not have to waste time and effort in reading page after page of information. Videos that have been made properly can help visitors quickly understand a website’s purpose and also learn new information about topics.

Videos also make websites more interactive. Several pages of simple text do not seem as appealing or interactive as a good video does. By watching a video, a visitor can watch the real person. This helps in developing a sense of belonging, trust and customer loyalty.

The presence of videos is already factored by Google in determining the page ranks of websites. Therefore, video creation and distribution also plays an important role in search engine optimization. Ribbun’s new video creation service can help websites create videos to reach the top slots in search engine results pages.

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