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Ness Ziona, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Imagine being at a party where there is nothing to do expect reading other people’s name tags and having dull conversation about the weather. WHAT A DRAG!! Rather be a at home alone in front of the television? Foto Master products Air Graffiti, Video Flip and Caricature Touch can bring back the life to any party. These high quality software are unique and fun, each individual software will make a party unforgettable and make the guest talk about one thing, and one thing only.

Video Flip Creator is now available in v7 on Foto Master: It is an on event on site hard cover Video Flipbook Creator and it has many more features to offer than ever before. The Video Flips works by recording 60 images of the guests which be printed out and cut to create a moving 60 images flip book gift that the guests can take home as a venue memorabilia. There are a number of exciting features included in Video Flip such as more than 16 exciting effects that filter the recorded screen creating different effects, Green Screen background technology that allows Videos or Photos to be placed behind the guests, Configurable recording time, book size and record sample ratio can may more. The Video Flip delivers the best quality of prints and it has an easy and intuitive interface. Save flipbooks or a video file flipbook to a PC.

Air Graffiti software lets participants easily create digital graffiti using a laptop, projection screen, and infrared spray cans. The infrared light emitted by the spray cans is tracked by the computer which allows the participant to create a vibrant, colorful drawing. These masterpieces can be shared on social media, saved as an electronic file, printed or saved as a video of the process. Different colors of sprays, stencils, specialized painting methods, backgrounds and branded covers are included in Air Graffiti that allow people to make unique and fun creations. For more information about Air Graffiti please visit:

Not only these softwares will amaze the guests, both these software are also great investments as they provide great returns through rentals.

Foto Master was established by Boaz Telem and Ron Malkin, to provide unique, cutting-edge software-based attractions for parties and carnivals. On the Foto Master website:, free trials and video demos of their unique products are available.

Every software sold on Foto Master comes with the required product parts and free phone and email support.

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