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Video Game Website Entices Enthusiasts to Look Into a Well-Sought After Career in Design offers pro-bono educational information on the field of video game designing


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- The video game industry is a lucrative business. This fuels many aspiring students and individuals who want to turn their passion for video games into a profitable and fulfilling career. Be A Video Game Designer, an internet-based company spreading well-researched information on the subject matter, has dedicated their site: to lessen the conjectures with regards authoritative information found all over the web. They even have a free ebook entitled Game Designer Career Guide at a relatively significant trade-off of entering their newsletter (which by the way makes it possible for updates to reach a subscriber's inbox with new info in much faster rates).

Breaking Through the Gaming Industry has experts that provide the information found on their website. As a starter, they advise that aspirants be vigilant of the following factors: educational foundation, working background, knowledge of gaming platforms.

As such, Dan Orr – the brain behind the website tells: “becoming a game designer require imagination and creativity. But there is no one night success in this field; everyone willing to enter the industry must sacrifice and work for it.”

To cut to the chase, the website can provide the initial steps any video game design student/enthusiast must know before delving into a video game career.

Three steps he recommends:

1. Knowledge – In order to become successful, Dan notes that they should get enough technical and academic background on it. This phase tackles different software programs, programming language, and disciplines such as animation and computer graphics. His tip is to find a reputable university or technical school that offers advanced degrees and certified programs.

2. Experience and Know-how - For many, knowledge could have been enough but without the experience in the actual software and products needed to design a video game, it will be worthless. Thus, interested individuals must engage themselves in the industry's main gaming platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii, have the writing ability, and if possible an internship to earn them some valuable field experience sans the compensation (Dan says: charge to experience).

3. Attitude – As with many other industries, video gaming is not a one-man job. It requires teams of painstaking and hardworking individuals to complete even one NBA or GTA franchise game. And for neophytes, showing the spirit of a team-player will go a long way.

Career Options for Videogame designers

It works from the ground up says Dan. They can begin as quality assurance tech or assistants. Freelance work is available on the internet to enrich themselves with necessary skills and expertise to add up to their portfolio and mastery. And when it all pay off, lead roles may require bigger tasks such as handling budgets, and managing project timeline schedule.

With passion for the video game industry, Dan Orr thought of this website to help fellow enthusiasts have some leverage when it comes to breaking into a difficult industry. uses this platform to educate anyone about well-researched information about career options and advice that is incomparable to other competing sites with just pure-opinion and less informal knowledge base. The best thing about the site: it is pro-bono.


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