Video Games - Improving Focus, Memory and Multi-Tasking Skills in Adults

Latest Studies confirmed that video games enhance eyesight by making people more responsive to somewhat different shades-of color, referred to as contrast-sensitivity.


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- Many parents have tried to keep their kids off from video games every time they sat in-front of it as they were worried about how it can hamper their kid’s long term mental and physical health. But recent studies on playing video games reveals that it can boost up kid’s health, learning, decision making as well as social skills.

Lots of young kids love to play my little pony games, Cinderella games or baby hazel games; and these games can strengthen several cognitive skills like reasoning, perception, memory and spatial navigation. A 2013 meta-analysis discovered that playing racing or shooting games can enhance a person’s thinking capability to think around stuffs in 3-dimensions only and educational courses made to improve these same abilities.

Simple games which are easily accessible and can be played rapidly like Angry Birds, Spiderman or Batman games can enhance player’s moods, increase relaxation and ward-off anxiety. Hence, video games are an efficient way to boost up resilience within the experience of failures. By dealing with failures in video games, kids develop emotional resilience to deal with anything within their daily lifestyles.

A Research found that players who experienced mental-health problems like depression and stress could vent their aggravation and hostility by playing game and confirmed a notable improvement.

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