Video Just Posted at Cloud Technology Systems, Inc.: Credit Cards for Bad Credit Part 2 "the Best Cards to Rebuild Credit"


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2013 -- In this video, just under 11 minutes, some of the basic questions regarding cards for people that have bad credit are answered. The YouTube video titled Credit Cards For Bad Credit Part 2 “The Best Cards to rebuild credit” was just posted at The video describes the basic fee structure of credit cards for bad credit, which ones report to the credit reporting agencies, how quickly you can be approved when you apply, along with the top cards that are offered for people that have bad credit.

According to the video the credit cards that are designed for people that have credit issues have above average fees. Depending on the card, the fees can range from an initial fee that is immediately placed on the card when you activate it, to a monthly fee assessed every month for as long as you have the card. The unsecured cards for bad credit have higher fees on average compared to their counterpart secured credit cards. The fees for secured credit cards are usually less aggressive due to the lower risk taken by the card issuer.

Additional advice issued in the video was for the consumer to keep their credit balances below 30 percent of the overall credit limit of the card. The credit bureaus view this favorably and see the consumers as using their credit in a responsible manner according to the video.

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