Video Marketing Company VidCommx Looking for Entrepreneurs to Earn Serious Income with No Risk Involved


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- VidCommx, a video marketing company built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, announced today it is introducing a new video marketing service that takes the traditional means of boosting businesses online presence on video sites and making their video go viral. Business marketing experts have said the new technology is the way forward for businesses of all sizes wanting to promote themselves to a worldwide audience.

According to VidCommx it is the first world video email ad exchange, which will change the way the online video advertising industry works. The company have announced they are now looking for entrepreneurs to join their marketing network and help get the message out there. who are looking for people to come on board with no outlay, are so confident in their product, they have said it will become one of the fastest marketing products that businesses use.

Business consultants have called this new approach to promoting business services and products as a step forward to achieving serious marketing results. Gone are the days of simple messages sent through emails with little impact, this new method according to business consultants will change the way businesses around the world market themselves.

Entrepreneurs and affiliate marketing experts who have already signed up with has said this is one of the biggest online business opportunities of 2014, allowing people to earn a serious income with no risk. One affiliate marketing expert has said the rewards are bigger than most affiliate programs that are currently available, showing how powerful the program and service is.

According to reports, businesses are turning their backs on all the money they are spending through advertising in publications and on radio and instead turning to the Internet to achieve real results at the fraction of the cost. According to some business experts, VidCommx ( is one of the fastest ways and cost effective ways to achieve real results for any marketing campaign.

With this service, videos can be shared with millions of interested viewers around the globe from the website with a click of a mouse. Videos shared could be covered on business channels such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC and featured on popular entrepreneurial magazines. This service takes the traditional means of sharing videos one step further.

Jeff White, founder of Vidcommx, created the company and its service to accommodate a personal need that, after starting a business, the need to go viral with your videos so as to create awareness among people was very important. As Jeff White explains, “We are getting ready to launch a web based world’s first video email ad exchange which will be a game changer in the online video advertising world as it helps connect advertisers from all across the globe with individual email video users in a unique way for a win-win situation.”

“Think about it, people now are ever communicating using videos and emails but not even 0.001 percent of them are getting paid for it,” says Jeff White. “With the current rising unemployment and number of people being able to access World Wide Web globally, the timing of our services cannot be better.”

The company behind the powerful new marketing technique which business experts have said will change they way companies market their products or services forever, are looking for people who would like to make a serious part time or full time income with no risk involved. A spokesman for the company has said the opportunity will only stay open for a short while and now is the best time to get on board for a real financial return.

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