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Video of New Forex Profit Multiplier Trade Alert Software in Action Is Now Available at TheForexArticles.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- A few days ago TheForexArticles.com provided details of some impressive new trading software (called Forex Profit Multiplier) that is based on three profitable trading methods, and appears to work extremely well on the 4 hour charts.

This trade alert software was discussed in a preview video that was recently posted online, but a new video has just been uploaded that shows this software in action, and links to both of these videos are included in this latest blog post.

This second preview video provides people with a bar by bar dissection of the trading methods that are deployed by this trading software, and discusses some of the risk management rules that are strictly adhered to when trading with real money using this software.

In addition, it also goes on to explain how it looks to enter into a free trade position as soon as a position moves into profit, and demonstrates how it minimizes losses whenever a trade is placed using this trade alert software.

A spokesman for TheForexArticles.com said:

"Having watched both of these videos, and having analyzed the original version of this software a few years ago, it is clear that the three trading methods that this software is based on are the key reason why this software is so effective at finding endless low-risk high-probability set-ups across all the major currency pairs."

Anyone that would like to see this Forex Profit Multiplier trade alert software in action, or would like to find out more about how this software works, can do so by watching the two preview videos featured at:


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