Video Ramblings Introduces Their Latest YouTube Video, "How Is the Pope Chosen"


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Online videographer Video Ramblings has just released their latest video on YouTube. The video is called “ How is the Pope Chosen – Choosing a New Pope.” This entertaining and informative new video tells the story of the Papal Conclave and the process by which the Cardinals of the Catholic Church choose a new pope.

The video comes at the perfect time with the recent historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the selection of the new Pope. Billions around the world tuned in to marvel at the tradition and ceremony surrounding the selection of a new Pope and even those who are not Catholic were interested in learning more about the process. This entertaining video was designed to educate those who have not grown up in the Catholic Church and who don’t have a broad understanding of just what a Papal Conclave is.

Using a simple method of basic graphics and a live action human hand writing on what resembles a white board, the video makers move through each step of the Papal selection process. Viewers of the video learn about the College of Cardinals, their meeting, their deliberations and the process by which they vote for a new Pope. The Papal Conclave is defined and each step of the voting process is acted out. At the end of the video viewers are left with a clear understanding of how the Catholic Church chooses a new Pope.

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