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Video Social App Pinup Now Lets Users Upload Large Videos and Share Them on Facebook and Twitter


Thessaloniki, Greece -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Pinup, a video social app that helps people share memories and events with their family and friends, has just launched a couple of new and improved features. For example, users can now upload large-sized videos that they can instantly share on the popular social media websites Facebook and Twitter. In addition, people who use the video app can now select videos from the iPhone library, which they can also share with others.

As anybody who owns a mobile phone knows quite well, it’s easy and fun to use the devices to record everyday moments. From birthday parties and trips to the park with the kids to hanging out with friends and just enjoying life, each day brings many chances to film happy moments. By helping people to create their videos and then upload them and share them with friends and family, Pinup is helping people to stay in touch.

In order to access the iPhone video social app, people simply need to click the “Download Now from App Store” tab on the Pinup website; this will take them to the Apple Store, where they can download it. Once the user has logged into his or her Facebook or Twitter account, it’s easy to record and post live videos or upload one from the library.

“If you are looking for an efficient and beautiful way to share videos with others, Pinup is just the right choice for you to make,” a company spokesperson noted, adding that Pinup is a content-sharing platform that has enabled users to communicate with each other by sharing various things.

“Sharing a video was never easier – with Pinup, all you have to do is take the video, then chose a suitable title and thumbnail to identify it and swiftly upload it on the Pinup platform. The options to add comments and share the video thereafter make the system even more exciting to use.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about handy app is welcome to visit the Pinup website; there, they can read more about it and how the app allows people to become the director of their own mini-movies.

About Pinup
Pinup helps users film everything that they love. For example, people can create a video, upload it, and then share it with their friends and family. Thanks to Pinup, users’ films are only one click away from their Twitter and Facebook friends. For more information, please visit http://pinup.com/