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Video Warriors: Gripping Novel Fuses Intrigue with Corruption; Urging Readers to Question Truth Behind Government's Activities

Written by Industrial Engineer, Roy Coniglio, ‘Video Warriors’ turns what first appears to a straightforward kidnapping story into an intricate quest to unravel a complex Government conspiracy. The twist is that the truth is uncovered by a missing boy’s mother, calling into question everything she learned to take as gospel.


Port Washington, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- When it comes to authority, there’s no higher civil power than the Government. While many believe that the buck stops there, a powerful new novel by Roy Coniglio proves that this omnipresent force may be hiding the truth more often than readers think.

Everything is exposed in ‘Video Warriors’, a narrative where one grieving mother takes the Government and the truth into her own hands. The results are compelling…


Chris Gale is a single parent of a fourteen year old boy. When he disappears from the local mall she goes to the police.

Weeks later, when they find a burned and unidentifiable body, they close the case. Chris is not convinced the body is her son and pursues her own investigation. She uncovers a vast government conspiracy that might explain her son's fate.

“I’ve been creative my entire life, pursuing music, art, Industrial Design and engineering. Whatever the venue, I have come to learn that the creative process of design and refinement is the same. So, turning my hand to writing is a more logical and natural progression that most would initially think,” says Coniglio.

Continuing, “It’s all about starting with a blank slate and producing an end product from scratch. I feel I’ve developed something great with this novel, bucking the trend of ‘narrative recycling’ in order to produce something wholly unique. While I of course wrote the book to entertain, it’s my hope that readers will turn the last page with plenty to think about in the real world.”

Since its release, the novel has garnered rave reviews.

For example, Linny comments, “This book held my interest from page one. Needless to say a story about a mother searching for her son who has been kidnapped would catch any mother's interest , but where her search leads her opens a whole new train of thought. What are the truths about government activities we do not know about? The ending made me gasp and I sat for a moment to absorb what I had just read. Looking forward to additional books from this writer who has a fine concept of intrigue.”

Joan Golann was equally as impressed, adding, “When I first started reading this I thought it was just a book about kidnapping, but as I go further into the book there was something more. A sense of wonder. The kind that makes you look over your shoulder and think why is this person looking at me. It made me wonder how much of this could be true. The author's style is very descriptive and I could really picture the places and people he was writing about. I hope there is another book on his writing desk. I would most certainly buy it.”

‘Video Warriors’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1tHCsfb.

About R.F.Coniglio
R.F.Coniglio is an Industrial Designer and Engineer who has turned his creativity and technical knowledge to writing fiction. After twenty five years of creating new and different designs in three dimensions, he now is creating new and different ideas in the abstract world of writing. Using the same talents that created award winning designs, he now creates intricate, engaging stories. In Video Warriors, his first novel, Mr. Coniglio demonstrates his ability to weave an intriguing story with real and identifiable characters.