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VideoProc Innovates Sound Blend Tech for Better Audio Recording in Mac Version

Digiarty released a vital update to VideoProc, the new release V3.2 of which takes the lead in introducing the unique sound blending tech to its built-in screen recorder. Now users can flawlessly record system sound and voice over the microphone at the same time while capturing screen activity, whether it is on Macbook, iMac, or iPhone screen. The enhancement especially focuses on the Mac version.


Sichuan, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2018 -- Synchronous with Windows version update that underlined the video background segmentation in webcam recording, VideoProc for Mac underwent a crucial upgrade to its screen recorder. Tasked with creating a flawless audio experience, now version V3.2 makes huge breakthrough in sound blending and stands at the ready to record and mix different audio channels from Speaker and Mic, whether they are from the app like Apple Music or Netflix, web browser such as Safari, Skype call, simple voice commentary, or musical instrument.

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Mac has no built-in app to record streaming audio or other system sounds that are being played on the speakers. While capturing internal audio is not something that iOS 11/12 has the native ability to achieve. Chances are customers are eager to record both internal sound and external sound as a single track, right from the speakers and built-in/external microphone.

With today's launch of VideoProc V3.2, YouTubers, vloggers, gamers, educators, online trainers, app developer, or any other video producers can record high-quality screen content at a resolution of up to 5K while blending any sound sources into one single track, owing to its unique sound blending tech. Particularly, the sound inputs are especially from the source the computer or iPhone is currently playing, and the one from the built-in or external mic, e.g. online video or audio stream, background music, voice note, speech, and more. They are intelligently mixed and compressed into one audio track with its own dynamic range, purpose-built to avoid redundant noise or distortions and get a high-quality recording.

By default, VideoProc is set to record in stereo and offers a record quality preset, covering high, medium and low to cater to customers' needs. H.264 encoder is applied to accomplish demanding screen recording task with a good balance between file size and quality. Additionally, VideoProc makes good compatibility with the latest macOS Mojave, the screen recording feature of which enables precise focus on a particular region of the window.

VideoProc is more a professional yet easy video processing program than a screen recorder. Under the hood, it packages 4K-focused video editor, transcoder, resizer, downloader, and recorder into a single app in a logical and clear interface. On top of that, VideoProc uniquely supports full GPU acceleration technology. This is at the heart of the program's effort to record, edit, cut, crop, merge, rotate, transcode and resize large 4K/HD video in high speed with bare loss of quality or lag, while unburdening the CPU.

"VideoProc is capable of recording whatever is being output. And there isn't any restriction on the recording length as long as you have enough space available on your drive." Said Jack, CEO of Digiarty Software, "No matter you are going to add background music to your podcast, capture a game walkthrough with a voice note, or any other cases where additional audio channels are needed, it is your go-to solution."

Pricing and Availability
VideoProc runs on Windows (incl. Windows 10) and Mac (incl. macOS Mojave) perfectly. There are 3 different types of license codes for VideoProc, whose price starting from $59.90. Now customers can get the 1-year license copy totally free from

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