Vitarank (MDX Group Inc) Released Automation Module Feature in Video Creation Technology by Vitarank is aware of the needs and wants of most businesses who would like to use video content for their search engine optimization campaigns. Recently, released an automation module feature that enables optimization through video personalization.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- The innovation brought about by technology via the internet resulted to the beginning of advertising through the worldwide web. Because of the various use of the internet in humans’ daily lives and how much it connects to everyone around the world, it has become the best media to communicate a statement and make a brand well known in a short span of time.

Video content, compared to other forms of advertising, is the best way to communicate and make things easy to understand whether that would be a how-to-video, explainer video, or just a simple marketing strategy. Video content also draws more audiences to action, which results in more clients working something out to promote the brand via word of mouth. Videos also move audiences to action whether to buy a product from a website or to browse through other links on the site. Video content materials are also said to draw more customer engagement which result to building more trust and satisfaction to its clientele. by Vitarank is aware of the needs and wants of most businesses who would like to use video content for their search engine optimization campaigns. This is why they have created a video content software which is packed with features that will cater to the needs of content marketing enthusiasts, advertising aficionados and artists who are into video creation. Videorank has created numerous creative videos with excellent content and clients have attested that these videos have directed more traffic and prospective clients to their websites.

Videorank shares three important pointers on how to create videos which will greatly impact a brand’s search engine optimization.

First, start with creating a video that exactly targets the audience. It can be just a simple video, however, what is important is how it catches the attention and the interest of the person viewing it. Will it create a possible next step? Will it change the person’s perspective about the products or services being presented? Will it result to an action of the viewer in promoting the product and viewing the full site of the advertiser? These should be the questions that need to be answered in creating a video content for advertising.

Second, create a catchy title for the video content. The title will be the first to be shown on video posting sites, even before the audience develops an interest in watching the video. It is recommended to have an interesting title which will result to more views.

Lastly, create a thorough description of the video. makes sure that the video contents being created by their company has great descriptions that would be impacting to their clients’ target audiences. One feature that Videorank video content software offers is the automation module or the ability to optimize videos by letting their clients use tested descriptions and headlines and allowing them to edit its contents which will be the basis of the message that will be conveyed to their target market. is currently offering a 7-day free trial for everyone to experience the best optimization techniques via video content, which include the three tips mentioned.

About by Vitarank by Vitarank helps businesses dominate niche on YouTube by creating hundreds of optimized videos, one for each of the best longtail keywords. They spread the videos out across accounts that its customers own. Yes that’s right, customers own the properties we creates for its customers! The videos, the YouTube channels, everything will be turned over to the customers as soon as the order is completed.