Vitarank (MDX Group Inc) Releases Professional Management Dashboard for Video Campaigns and Reporting recently released a professional management dashboard where clients can effectively create their video campaigns and manage their link reports.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2014 -- Online video started as a fad since the utilization of the Internet. Over the years, online video content has gained its strength and is developing further. It has become influential in creating advertisements and in sending messages across a wide and diverse audience.

According to the data given by B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey for 2012, video content ranked second when it comes to good customer experience next to direct communication with the support team of each business. With these numbers, it can be concluded that most customers are gained through online video content.

SusanWeinscheck PhD brings a deep understanding of the psychology of humans on why people react positively on video content advertising. The psychology expert has uncovered four reasons why humans are drawn to video content advertising.

1 – Humans tend to believe information when they see an actual human face on the screen. This is the reason why most customers believe and feel that they have the obligation to buy and support a particular product or service. They also feel the urge to share information to friends and family members when the information comes from video content rather than from written ones.

2 – The human voice shares rich information. It can turn words into a meaningful and relevant phrase. The simple sound of human voice has an amazing ability to convert information into a meaningful content.

3 – Human emotions are contagious. Emotions on videos are clearly shown through the voice, facial expression, and other non-verbal communication that are appealing to other humans. Video content collaborates emotions, gestures, and sound in one content, which greatly impacts those who watches them.

4 – Moving people grabs more attention than a stationary one. Since video contents are composed of movement, sounds, and descriptions, they easily catch interest and create an improvement on the flow of information from the business to their clients.

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