Vietnam Offers 15 Day Free Visa Entrance for Five European Nations

Citizens of The UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy to benefit from the offer


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2016 -- Vietnam launched its innovative scheme where nationals from the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy can get a visa free entry to the country for a stay that doesn't extend a 15 day period.

Vietnam has become a hugely popular destination for travelers from all over the world; no two ways about it. While there are many holidaymakers that come here to take in the sites and enjoy the warm vibe, business owners like to explore several possibilities the country has in store for them. But of course, getting the visa to the country without going through a lot of hassle is something all types of travelers look for.

Now the Government of Vietnam has made things easier for travelers from these five European countries. They can now avail of a 15 Day Free Visa offer that makes things extremely convenient for them. They could be coming to the country to visit friends, engage in work meetings or simply travel around for that matter; they don't have to burden themselves with tedious process of going to great lengths to get the visa.

Of course by waiving the visa laws, the Government has made the prospect of travelling to Vietnam more appealing for these Nationals. However according to the new ruling, if these travelers want to re-enter the country within 30 days of the last departure, then they will need to get an entry visa. This step has been taken by the Government to keep a check on foreigners who come into the country and try to work illegally before leaving after short durations again.

However overall, with the new visa ruling, things are looking positive for travelers from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain who come to the country with the intent of staying not more than 15 days. For those who need to get a visa to the country, offers convenient, secure and reasonably priced options that make things a lot easier for them.

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