Vietnam Self Guided Tours Increase in Popularity


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- Your Vietnam Tour Guide is here for people who ever wanted to visit the beautiful, exotic country of Vietnam, but didn’t want to go on an official tour. The guided tour has its advantages, but having a self guided tour where one can go at their own pace and choose the destinations they want to see is a far better way of visiting Vietnam. All this is possible with Your Vietnam Tour Guide.

Your Vietnam Tour Guide is a website that provides you with all the information you need to go on your own self guided tour. The rich, beautiful history of Vietnam mixes the modern sights and sounds of the cities with the beautiful, diverse countryside of beaches, mountains and beautiful tropical forests.

Instead of choosing a standard guided tour where the locations are picked in advance and you have to travel at someone else’s pace, the Your Vietnam Tour Guide provides all the information you need to plan a wonderful tour of the sights you want to see at the pace you want to go.

What to See in Vietnam

From the lush, tropical forests to the sunny beaches, Vietnam is a traveler’s paradise with plenty to see and do. There are diverse cultures in Vietnam with the Khmer influenced people around the Mekong Delta to the wonder of the mountain tribes in the north that wear colorful costumes. One thing that all Vietnamese people share is their friendly, open greetings to all visitors.

What Your Vietnam Tour Guide Website Can Do for You

The Your Vietnam Tour Guide website offers everything you need from suggested places to visit, planning your trip and even providing valuable advice from the founder, Dwight Zimpel whose vast travel experiences in Vietnam provide a rare insight into selecting the best places for you to see and setting a budget that is very friendly on the pocketbook.

Dwight launched the Your Vietnam Tour Guide site in 2006 and has offered his sage advice for hundreds of people who have travelled to Vietnam. Provided on the website is all you need to create a wonderful vacation for your own self guided tour.

However, if you are interested in travelling with a group, the Your Vietnam Tour Guide site can help there as well. The Private Vietnam Tour Guide link will connect you with others who also want to travel together in seeing the sights of Vietnam.

The Budget Vietnam Tour

Perhaps the greatest advantage provided by the Vietnam self-tour package is going on the cheap, while enjoying all the scenery and wonder that is Vietnam.

While many modern advances have come to this Southeast Asian country, they still feature bargain prices for hotels, cruises, restaurants and much more. For example, if you are travelling alone or with someone, you can stay at a quality family hotel in Saigon for as little as $10 to $15 per night. Eat a glorious seafood dinner in Nha Trang for less than $5.

You can even book a single night cruise on Halong Bay for only $75. These amazingly low prices are part of the reason Vietnam is quickly becoming a traveler’s paradise not only for the sights, but for the pocketbook as well.

Here is your chance to create your own self guided tour to one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Take charge of your vacation by visiting the Your Vietnam Tour Guide site and see the wonders that Vietnam has to offer all on the cheap.

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Your Vietnam Tour Guide has been providing advice for travelers to Vietnam to plan their own self-guided Vietnam tour since 2006.

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