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Karachi, Pakistan -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- ViewsGuru is emerging as one of the most reliable ways of getting online YouTube Views for any businesses, artists or entities that need visibility on the internet through their videos. The company is currently providing the simplest solution for getting views with only real methods that don’t get the accounts suspended.

Going on the internet today reveals that there are thousands of websites working to provide online visibility to businesses and especially artists who want to be known around the world for their unique or contemporary talent. However, not all of these companies are using the real and reliable methods and that’s when people looking for fame get ended up with disappointment. Many of the companies have such complex programs and packages that an ordinary customer would never be able to know what he’s going to get for his money.

ViewsGuru is all about increasing YouTube Views and visibility through YouTube. Unlike other websites that try to provide all other social media marketing services, ViewsGuru focuses on only one aspect of internet marketing. This has made ViewsGuru deliver the best results for its dedicated service over time. The best thing about their service is the fact that they only use the real and reliable means so the customers don’t have to see their accounts suspended when they wake up the next morning.

There are 5 packages being offered by the company right now, including the Starter, Marketer, Nerd, Professional and Guru. The prices of all the packages have been kept very nominal so even a new artist who wants some views for his music video doesn’t have to break the bank to get a few views on YouTube. Furthermore, regardless of the packages chosen by customers, all the packages include only real views and no bots at all.

There is another section for worldwide plan where the views are included from all around the world. This package includes all the packages mentioned in the previous passage except the Starter package. The company takes a maximum of 9 days to deliver the results to the clients starting from thousands of views from day one. The procedure followed by the company is also the safest with no password and ID required by the customers who want to get the views for their videos.

Additional services from includes subscriptions and comments on YouTube videos as well so you can get real comments added on your videos and subscriptions too. In short, ViewsGuru has thrown some great but very easy-to-understand packages on the table for those who want to gain some visibility on the internet for their videos. The company representatives can be contacted through online form available on the official website for customers to fill out for their inquiries. For customers who are always extra careful in taking decisions that involve money the company also has a money back guaranty in place.

All in all, it’s a great solution for people who need visibility through the online YouTube videos. ViewsGuru is reliable, affordable and quick in delivering its results.

If you are ready to Buy YouTube Views, ViewsGuru has a special offer going on during this Memorial Day period until May 31st 2013. You get double the views on whatever YouTube Views package you purchase. It’s also a great opportunity to get a 25% discount on FAST YouTube Views, just enter the coupon code : “ 770P6K8W0EYNE8C0 “ at the checkout.

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