Viki Saikia Chats with Musician Axl Hazarika Following His New Found Global Fame


Assam, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2013 -- Axl Hazarika, the rocker from Assam, shot to fame after his music video ‘Hum Badal Gaye’ was launched on AxlHazarikaVEVO channel that took him to the global platform in addition to loads of appreciations and accolades from all over the globel. This young dude developed his taste in music listening to Bhupenda’s evergreen music, Assamese folk songs and rock. He was heavily influenced by these various forms of music.

Hazarika talks about his future plans, “At the moment, we are putting the finishing touches to a follow-up to ‘Hum Badal gaye’. Hopefully we should have it ready sometime in August… And of course, we’ll take forward our production house – Elektrokore Music as far as we can and strive to make it the number one indie record label. So that more Indian bands receive the recognition they deserve at home and abroad.”

He wants to jam with a legend and says, “I’d love to collaborate or jam with the legendary Maynard James Keenan. He’s one of the greatest and my favourite musician.”

His parents’ belief and support has also kept him going, “They have been my biggest supporters and their belief has somehow rubbed off in me and inspires me to keep going.” Informs Hazarika.

Have a look at the video yourselves, I guarantee you wont be dissapointed

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Viki Saikia,
Eastern Chronicle, Assam