Joe Bragg Releases Details of New Urban Development Project in Urbana, Maryland


Urbana, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Today, most cities feature uninspired urban planning. Streets are laid out in a grid, and shops, schools, and other amenities may be hours away from where most people actually live. This inconvenient system creates headaches for those who live in big cities, and many people are ready to try something new.

Those seeking to escape from the problems of traditional urban planning are advised to visit The website provides a detailed description of one of Maryland’s fastest growing villages. The village of Urbana, located just outside of Frederick and 50 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., seeks to provide convenience and comfort through intelligent urban planning.

At the website, visitors can learn everything they need to know about Urbana. The website includes detailed information about the history of Urbana. There are also detailed descriptions of each Urbana community and contact information for those who are ready to purchase homes for sale Urbana MD.

The village includes a collection of luxury neighborhoods as well as amenities like schools, a fire hall, and a library. There is even a market district which features a grocery store, restaurants, and other unique shops and stalls.

The website also lists a number of natural attractions that are located nearby. Sugarloaf Mountain can be seen throughout the neighborhood, and other highlights include Monacacy River and Battlefield Park. With a number of hiking and biking trails located throughout the neighborhood, the Villages of Urbana makes outdoor living a priority.

Many of the homes feature a neo-traditional design. The design is inspired by classic American homes, complete with white picket fences, brick exteriors, and large backyards. Homes come in a wide variety of styles, including luxury townhouses, family homes, and other options available at a number of different price ranges. Each home has been designed by award-winning local home construction companies like NVHomes, Ryan Homes, Mainstreet Homes, and Parkwood Homes.

The website wants to show visitors what it means to live in a neighborhood like Urbana. The website claims that those who move to the Urbana area will experience “small town charm” and well-designed homes that fit any lifestyle. A spokesperson for explained what makes Urbana such a special place to live:

“Natelli Communities spent hundreds of hours perfecting the design of each Urbana neighborhood. We’ve made sure that each and every home sold in Urbana is of the highest level of quality, and we strive to offer a more unique experience than people would find in the cookie-cutter suburbs in big cities.”

With schools, shops, and a number of burgeoning family neighborhoods, the wants to help sell the Urbana lifestyle to families across the United States. To learn more about the Villages of Urbana and other Frederick MD homes for sale, visit today.

About provides detailed information about Urbana, Maryland, an urban development project that was first started in 1999. Urbana seeks to provide a convenient and wholesome living experience to Maryland families. For more information, please visit: