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Vimana by System Insights Improves Production Efficiency

vimana by System Insights Improves Production Efficiency to Demonstrate that Industrial Internet of Things Technology is here Today


Berkeley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- According to Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights, “The issue with the industrial solutions is the data used to make decisions and coordinate actives on the shop floor is almost always lost. No record is kept of the movements of a robot or a machine tool since this is considered a byproduct of the process. What now realized is the data produced by these processes has the potential to unlock the hidden potential to improve efficiency and reduce machine downtimes.”

The System Insights’ flagship product vimana delivers predictive analytics solutions to improve clients’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Sobel explain the distinctions of the product noting that the interconnection of sensors, devices, and other “things” was differentiated from the classical person to computer communications. The other advent that made this interesting was IPV6 and the much larger address space so every “thing” can have a separate address on the internet. This has become less of a limit because of network address translation which has extended the number of devices that can access the internet.

Direct thing to thing or machine to machine communications (M2M) is also part of this story. Interestingly enough, manufacturing has been doing machine to machine communications for years – every automated line and cell is an M2M connectivity solution. Although the technology is often primitive, 24v wires connecting devices, the industrial automation area is well understood and very stable.

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System Insights, ( based in Berkeley, California, with offices in Chennai, India, is a leading global supplier of manufacturing software in both machining based, discrete and process industries. vimana provides these data while enabling customers to realize sustainable manufacturing objectives. The vimana software platform delivers a unique combination of Cloud Computing and Big Data capabilities that sets out to revolutionize the economics of manufacturing. System Insights is a proud member of both AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) and NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association). Follow System Insights on Twitter @systeminsights.

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