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Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2013 -- Note : This is only the review of Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box - Click Here To Visit The Official Site

Hi, my name’s Bob, I recently purchased a product called Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box — maybe you’ve heard of it. My whole life I have really struggled when it comes to women, especially when it comes to picking them up. I always thought there had to be one perfect approach, a single key, that would unlock any woman’s heart and get her to go out with me (and do it again!). And time and again I was disappointed. It seemed like the harder I tried with clever pick-up lines, the more I failed.

A friend told me about Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box. I remember how much trouble he had with dating. And I’d been wondering how he’d managed to hook up with this gorgeous blond girl he’d been into for months. I was pretty surprised when he told me they’d had not one, but two, successful dates, and that they would be going out again. And then he told me how he’d learned that the problem he was having was in assuming that all women are the same. Apparently Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box helped him to figure out that how you appeal to a woman depends on her personality. After he said this, it seemed startling to me I hadn’t realized this before, so I purchased the program.

Vin DiCarlo Personality Types

Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box works on the principle that woman have different personalities. Obviously in reality no two women are like, and there are a lot more personality types than you learn about in the system, but to keep things simple, the system teaches you about 8 different personality types. The problem is that if you try to approach a girl who is say, type 1 with an approach which would suit type 7, that girl is probably not going to respond to it and is going to reject you. If you approach that girl using techniques which would appeal to her personality, you’re far more likely to make a good impression and get her to go out with you.

After you learn about the eight personality types, you learn how to identify which personality type most closely correlates with a girl you’re interested in. This is called “type casting.” It was difficult for me at first, but after several weeks of practice, it got a bit easier. Then you learn how to approach that girl given that personality type. You’ll learn flirting techniques (there are many more ways to flirt than I’d initially realized), and how to escalate the relationship. You’ll also learn about body language, ways to strengthen your emotional connection, and how to turn the girl on.

The first thing I realized when I was reading about the types and the different approaches was how many times I’d gone wrong in the past. I could instantly think back over my recent failures and how I’d chosen totally the wrong approach for each of the girls I was dealing with, and all because I kept doing the same thing with every one of them. That alone was a big revelation.

If you have a girl in mind that you like, you can try this 3-minute quiz to get an idea of what type she is.

Did I Have Any Luck?

The main obstacle I encountered with this system was that it was pretty detailed and there seemed like there was a lot of specific advice to memorize. So I took it one step at a time. First I just memorized the 8 types and tried to identify them. A good way to practice is to do it while you’re watching movies or television. Then you can start doing it while you’re going around town doing errands, or when you’re at a nightclub or a bar, or so on. Once you get used to that, you can start memorizing techniques and approaches.

At first I still had a hard time because I think girls could tell I was trying to recite at them. And that’s when I realized that the techniques and approaches were best looked at as samples of what to say and do—not a step-by-step formula for success. After all, again, in reality there are a lot more than 8 types of women. Every woman is unique, otherwise we wouldn’t find them so interesting. And I don’t want to just date a “type,” I want to date a woman.

So I stopped worrying so much about memorizing the system and just started using the system as a set of guidelines. It worked great for remembering what not to do so I wouldn’t repeat as many past mistakes, and also gave me guidance in getting on the right path with different girls I was talking to. Did I have 100% success? Of course not—there’s nothing which can give you that. But I did find myself having better and better luck as time went by.


Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box was a great purchase; it helped me to see my past mistakes more clearly, and to open my mind a bit to the understanding that there are different “types” of women. Is the system an oversimplification? Ultimately, yes—but that’s the only way to present it as a system. The best thing I think you can get from this is a basis off of which to expand your techniques and to realize that women are all different. And that’s why you have to move beyond a system, even if you start with one. One thing which no woman likes is hearing something she thinks is scripted.

I get the best results from this system by learning the types, studying the different approaches, and then keeping them in the back of my mind when I approach a new girl. I pay attention to the ways in which the girl fits the closest type match, but I always remember that in the end, she’s a unique individual. Then I use the approaches and techniques in the system, but I let my chemistry with the girl drive me, and I use my intuition and the developing relationship to guide me. The system will give you a great start, but nothing replaces candor and being “real!”

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