Vincent Bootes LinkedIn Connections Learn of National Grid's Energy-Reduction Proposal


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- The government has stated that Michael Fallon, the energy minister, completely supports the upcoming National Grid consultation, which could result in large companies being paid to reduce their usage of energy during times of a shortage. However, many of those who commented on Vincent Bootes profile page on Facebook yesterday noted that when Fallon was interviewed on BBC's Newsnight on the 28th, he seemed to be quite dismissive of the idea.

The proposal for a National Grid consultation came after Ofgem, the energy regulator, issued a warning, in which it said that the risk of power cuts in the UK was increasing. But the government insists that there is 'little chance that the lights will go out'. National Grid, the electricity network owner, has made a suggestion that large consumers of energy, like factories and big shops, could be asked to reduce their energy usage between the hours of 4pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday, during the winter. Ofgem also came up with the idea of keeping a few currently unused power plants in reserve, should an emergency shortage arise.

Vincent Bootes PG Technology colleagues heard a representative from the National Grid say that these suggestions do not mean that a power disruption is inevitable, but rather that it is now time to start looking at what preventative measures they can take, should the existing margins continue to deteriorate. In a recent statement, the Department of Energy and Climate change stated that the energy minister fully supports the consultation with National Grid, during which they will consider whether or not the supply margins can be tightened.

Vincent Bootes business associates say that the proposal could work very well, and would mean that for the vast majority of the public, no power rationing would be necessary. Instead, large companies will get paid to cut down on their energy usage. The National Grid has explained that these measures would be a last resort, which companies would only have to employ during the middle of winter, when energy demands soar, as temperatures plummet. The electricity network owner admitted that their proposals are outside of their standard operator role, and that these changes, if they go ahead, will result in an increase to household energy bills. Friends of Vincent Bootes Esher resident read that some industrial companies are against the suggestions, arguing that if the only way to ensure that the general public has enough energy is to close down businesses and factories, then there is clearly something amiss with the government's energy policy.

About The National Grid
The National Grid has proposed that big businesses should be offered payments in exchange for a reduction in energy usage. Whilst energy minister Michael Fallon seemed to be dismissive of the idea on BBC's Newsnight, the DECC has stated that he is on board and that the consultation with the National Grid is to go forward.

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