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Vincent's Revelation: Gripping New Novel Follows Police Officer's Quest to Share the Truth

Having hidden a secret that’s riddled him since he was young, will protagonist Vincent Cain eventually use it to save the world from the Anti-Christ?


Macomb, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Set twenty years in the future, the latest thrilling novel by Jassin J. Hakim is poised to grip readers at every page. In fact, ‘Vincent’s Revelation’ proves that a single police officer could possess the power to save the world.


“Vincent Cain is a 34-year old Detroit police officer in the year 2022. Vincent is not your normal police officer. He struggles to deal with a secret that he has hidden from everyone around him since he was a young child. Vincent is frequently visited by who he believes are angles. Vincent becomes annoyed with these frequent visits because of the confusing messages he receives. He will later find out that these messages are help to guide him to his very important destiny.

His position in law enforcement requires upholding new federal laws that suppress religion and mandate the implantation of an identification microchip in the right hand of all citizens.

Fed up with selfish and hypocritical politicians, the struggling people of America see hope in a new world leader named William Lester III who appeals to the desire for a brighter future and world peace.

Lester III is a highly successful businessman and coincidentally the creator and producer of the identification chip. As Lester III grows in popularity at home and throughout the world he is eventually elected as leader of a one world government. Vincent is increasingly caught between his sworn duty to uphold the law and a growing distrust and dislike for the new regime.

Although most of the world lovingly embraces Lester III, the few remaining Christian believers are skeptical of him and consider him the Anti-Christ and the identification chip “the mark of the beast”. They also believe the apocalypse is upon them and the end of times is growing closer. Vincent will soon receive one last very important message from an angel but will he be willing to listen?”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This book is great! It's a very easy read that has a great flow to it. It's not like most books that take a few chapters before the good stuff starts to happen. In Vincent's Revelation the climax starts from the first chapter and continues to the end. The book is also very descriptive and I had a clear vision of what I was reading. I love how the author incorporates what the Bible's Book of Revelation says about the Anti-Christ although this book is far from a religious book,” says one reader, who reviewed the book at TheBookPatch.com.

Another, from reader Junior Shaeena, was equally impressed. They wrote that, “As a reader you will not have to take a step back and watch as Vincent’s story unfolds and things began to come together for Vincent. The exceptional usage of profound language and scenes that Hakim depicts has their purpose in this novel, adding to the complex cognitive process of Vincent. Jassin Hakim will put you directly in the shoes of Vincent Cain and will have you watch as he endures his ‘Revelation’”.

Jennifer Kassab says “This book captures your attention from the first page. You want to read it from cover to cover from the moment you begin. The author captures and keeps your attention with the first character and as each new character and event is introduced, your anticipation grows. The book keeps you engaged and alert. There are small details that are interjected sublty that you know are significant but you don't know how and to what degree so it entices you to want to keep reading to uncover what and why. The book isn't long but when you get to the end you want to keep going. The author does an outstanding job of making you want more throughout the whole story line.

Himself a Police Officer, the literary genius of Hakim has set a clearly-defined course for literary success.

A professionally filmed movie trailer has been made to promote the book that is on YouTube. Search Vincent’s Revelation to watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5qQNyUYyYk

‘Vincent’s Revelation’, published by Jassin J. Hakim, is available for Ebook purchase on all Ebook readers or from SmashWords.com: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/241924

Paperback can be purchased at thebookpatch.com:

The book’s progress can also be followed on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vincentsrevelation

About Jassin J Hakim
Jassin J Hakim was born in Detroit MI, 1978. After graduating from high school he joined the United States Army Military Police Corp where he obtained the rank of sergeant (E-5) and was part of several "classified" missions fighting the war on terrorism. Jassin also served 5 years as a Detroit police officer where he was assigned to the 5th precinct. He is currently a police officer for a suburban department in the Detroit metro area where he is assigned to the SRT (Special Response Team).