Vinci-Designs Announces Design and Development of a College Sports Recruiting Website for High School Athletes


Niceville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Vinci-Designs & Publishing, a company that develops websites and provides a range of design, hosting and SEO services, announced it has completed design and development of the college sports recruiting website for high school athletes, The new website is designed to connect high school athletes with college sports coaches around the country.

College sports recruiting is often a difficult process. Coaches often send recruiters to select high schools to look for potential college-level athletes. Those interested often only have the colleges which sent recruiters to their school to choose from. This can limit the options available and the ability for athletes to submit their stats and info to coaches.

Designed to give players direct access to coaches, allows high school athletes to create their own profiles and add photos, videos, and stats. Their profile can then be sent to specific college programs, or all college coaches nationwide. Profiles are offered at a single $20.00 fee for an entire season.

The site also gives coaches a chance to respond and talk with potential college sports players, for free. Other recruiting and athletics-based companies with similar platforms are charging hundreds to thousands of dollars to use their product and that’s just for one season. There are currently more than 30,000 coaches listed in the database and they can talk direct with any student athlete who has submitted their profile as soon as they log in. They can also note details on specific players for later reference. Most useful about the system is that all messages are logged and time-stamped. The system is compatible with popular email programs such as Gmail and Outlook.

Other features enable coaches to filter information, allowing them to sort players based on statistics. This organized approach lets coaches find what they are looking for quickly, while players can proactively search for coaches as they seek out college sports programs .

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