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Niceville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Vinci-Designs & Publishing recently voiced a significant blog post that provides an expert analysis of the pros and cons of using responsive web design or mobile versions of websites. The company is known for its expert analysis of the topics that designers and website developers are interested in and this latest blog posting comes just as the issue of responsive web design vs. dedicated mobile websites has become a common topic of conversation and debate. Vinci-Designs & Publishing founder Gerald D. Vinci has spoken on this issue many times and in preparation for the release of the blog posting and accompanying video he said,

“Web Designers and programmers love to push the latest technology onto their clients. Sometimes it is done with good intentions and other times it is merely to try something new or advance our own skill set. However, the latest toy is not always the best option and what works for some may not apply to others. We need to be responsible when suggesting useful and beneficial tools to our customers. Just because we are tech savvy and typically tend to be ‘early adopters’ of new technology does not mean our customer’s business will benefit from this latest trend. Choosing what tools you implement when developing a website based in large part on what is trendy can hurt your customer instead of help their business. But then again, a lot of designers care more about building up their own portfolio than they do about helping their customers grow. I prefer to explain all available options to my customer, show them real examples to compare, and let them decide for themselves what is best for their business with an unbiased opinion.”

The blog post poses the question “is responsive website design truly the ‘must have’ feature for modern websites?” This is the train of thought in the industry today and the blog post aims to analyze this question and provide answers based on Vinci-Designs & Publishing’s recent experience. In the end, the firm concludes that responsive design is certainly useful and popular, but that it is simply one of many options that can serve web designers well.

The blog post starts by defining both responsive design websites and mobile websites and listing the features that make each valuable to web designers. As the blog post points out, web users come in all walks of life and different individuals look for different things when they visit a particular website. That’s why it’s essential for web designers to use a variety of tools to create websites that appeal to as broad an audience as possible.

As an added bonus, Vinci-Designs & Publishing has also included an informative video with this latest post and the video does an excellent job explaining the differences between responsive website designs and mobile websites and why each has its place in website design.

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