VineCrown Rebrands and Redesigns Website to VidCrown to Highlight the Best Vine Videos

VidCrown is the new face of what was formerly VineCrown, and has been repurposed to share the best Vines with a much broader user base, even introducing people to Vines for the first time.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Vine has become a hugely popular social networking tool and entertainment venue since its launch just a few years ago. Many were cynical at first about the concept of micro-video-blogging, but the site has found a way for people to condense not only their thoughts, but the principles of filmmaking and storytelling, into little chunks of immediate gratification. As with anything, the best material is only a tiny minority, and many people both new to Vine and experienced with Vine want to find the best new material quickly. VineCrown, once a hall-of-fame for Vines, has now repurposed itself as VidCrown to help people find the very best new Vines in an instant.

The website offers three distinct tiers of funny Vines: the newly crowned Vines, the best Vines of today, and the best Vines of the week. This allows people to find all new material as well as the highest ranked Vines of the week. The emphasis on new material and constant live updating makes the site infinitely more appealing to users new and old.

The site also allows people to click a simple ‘random video’ button to be presented with one of their crowned Vines from the archive, allowing the site to do the work and enabling them to discover Viners they would never have otherwise found, like ‘in my mums car’.

A spokesperson for VidCrown explained, “VineCrown was an excellent resource for people who loved to use Vine to be able to favorite the best videos they found, but unfortunately that meant that many Vines were old news to users by the time they were crowned. VidCrown has repurposed this mission so that people can find not only the best but the freshest amazing Vines available. Micro-video has provided a viable form of entertainment for the 21st century and we aim to be the foremost source of the newest and best material.”

About VidCrown
VidCrown allows users to view only the best Vine Videos. Fans of the Vine app will find this website very useful. VidCrown was established in August 2013 and recently underwent a name change and comprehensive redesign to make the best of Vine more accessible to all. The site is regularly updated and is a great way to discover new Viners.

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