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Vinyl Impression Presents Its Range of Wall Graphics for Office Branding

Vinyl Impression is a wall graphics designer and office branding company in the United Kingdom. It provides wall graphics for businesses, educational institutions, home, etc.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- Graphic arts has unique way of representing the story of any place. Graffiti is a common in many countries and many people appreciate the creative means of conveying strong messages. The adoption of the idea with some amendment is what now known as office branding or business branding. Even small and medium-size companies now seek creative graphic arts for interior decoration. Specially designed wall graphics exhibit the character of the organisation with full creativity. Vinyl Impression is a wall graphics designer that caters to the demand of all types of commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Vinyl Impression creates office wall graphics in the form of decals and stickers. Graphics made with coloured vinyl are called wall decals. The vinyl film on wall decals is even thinner than a contact paper. Wall decals have matte finish and are especially designed for indoor purpose. Vinyl Impression involves modern technology and latest technique to create decals that stick firmly to the wall as if the graphics has been painted on it. Besides, its decals can be completely removed from the wall within 5 years from application. The great news for patrons of graphics arts is that the decals have specially made glue that does not peel paint off the wall on removal.

Vinyl Impression provides complete London office branding service provider. From designing to printing and shipping to installation, every aspect of interior graphical branding is covered under the provision of the company. Besides, the company has uploaded videos on how to install decals for customers who want to do it by themselves. However, the company provides professionals’ assistance for large wall graphics that customers cannot install by themselves. Vinyl Impression is a company of 10 members and has collaboration with a few creative agencies too. Since the company started as result of the founders’ personal need for wall decorative, its creations are always unique as they are originally designed by talented and skilful graphics designers.

Vinyl Impression can provide abstract, words, natural, photos murals and other types of walls graphics for complete office rebrand. Along with business, the company pays adequate attention to environment too. It now uses 55% more recyclable materials and has 100% energy efficient printing systems, which make its services 75% Greener than before and other traditional graphics designing companies. Thus, with environmental graphics, customers cannot only brand or rebrand their offices but apply wall decals even in the homes. Thus, Vinyl Impression can create the right graphics with material for any place and professionally install the same.

About Vinyl Impression
Vinyl Impression is a wall graphics designing company in the United Kingdom. The company provides complete service from designing of decals to its installation. It can make creative graphics with abstract designs, words, photo murals as well as according custom-order. The caters to global customer-base.

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