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Violet the Cow Revealed as the ImageFIRST South Carolina Mascot


Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- The word "remarkable" is used to describe something worthy of notice or attention; unusual, striking or extraordinary. As the largest and fastest growing healthcare laundry service company, ImageFIRST South Carolina is remarkable because they focus on understanding the unique challenges of every client and going above and beyond to find the right solutions for those needs. Their wide range of high-quality services and products, outstanding customer communication and reliability make them stand out from their competition, which is why ImageFIRST South Carolina is excited to reveal Violet the Cow as their mascot.

Everyone has seen at least pictures of regular cows that are either brown or black and white, so seeing one again isn't going to be something notable. But when a person comes across a purple cow, they will take notice and be astonished because they are witnessing something remarkable. That's why Violet the Cow, ImageFIRST South Carolina's purple cow mascot, perfectly exemplifies the experience of working with ImageFIRST: It stands out, just like ImageFIRST stands out from its competitors.

But ImageFIRST South Carolina doesn't believe someone is remarkable just because they say they are, just like saying a cow is purple doesn't make it purple. That's why ImageFIRST South Carolina invites everyone interested in finding out more about a company that has the highest customer retention rate in the industry to view the introductory video that also features Violet the Cow, visit the ImageFIRST South Carolina website or to call them directly at 800-932-7472 for more information.

About ImageFIRST South Carolina
Founded in 1967, ImageFIRST is the largest and fastest growing national linen rental and laundry service specializing in the outpatient medical market. ImageFIRST's 36 locations nationwide serve over 5,500 medical offices every week, providing linen, patient gowns, scrubs and much more while partnering with facilities to better manage linen inventory. With a customer retention rate of over 95%, ImageFIRST is dedicated to improving patient satisfaction through quality linens and remarkable service: their Comfort Care gowns product line increases patients' favorable perception of a facility by more than 50%.

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