Vion Announces Revolution in Highway Transportation Sphere

Vion project brings electric trucks implementation come closer


Tallin, Estonia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2018 -- Vion Company is intended to create a network of charging stations sufficient for electric trucks charging. In the long run constructing of more than 1 500 stations is planned covering the area of the whole North American continent.

In November 2017 Tesla Motors revealed the first electric truck planning mass production of such vehicles since 2019. In March 2018 Tesla Semi truck delivered the first cargo from Nevada to California. Technological changes are inevitable and electric trucks are about to take the place of gasoline and diesel ones. Vion is the first company on the North American market planning creating appropriate infrastructure for electric trucks implementation.

The project is capable to change the highway transportation sphere completely. A complex of charging stations constructing fully corresponding to the demands of electric trucks charging is the principle step towards implementation of electric trucks into the US market. Otherwise their using would be rather inconvenient.

Tesla announced that prices for the first models would be about $150-180 000 therefore large companies would be able testing such trucks in highway cargo transportation. Existing charging stations are insufficient for trucks by several reasons therefore owners are risked facing huge problems.

Vion project plans constructing 50 charging stations along the main routes in the next two years allowing shipping companies minimizing their expenses (one charging is enough for 800-1000 kilometers). The expected annual earnings from 50 charging stations are more than $ 290 million with pre-tax profits of 60 ml dollars. The company's market capitalization is $440 million.