Vion Moves Electric Cargo Transportation Forward

Vion creates necessary conditions for electric trucks charging


Tallin, Estonia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2018 -- Vion project intends developing the highway transportation sphere in the North American continent constructing contemporary electric charging stations sufficient for trucks charging. The company plans covering all main US routes in the next two years.

The sphere of cargo transportation is on the threshold of a new era.

The electric auto brand Tesla announced that since 2019 mass production of electric trucks would have been started. Gasoline and diesel engines completely outlive therefore they can be totally replaced by the electric ones in the nearest future. Vion project is designed to make necessary conditions for innovations implementation.

Nowadays The USA are well equipped by "Tesla Supercharger" stations, but they are oriented just to electric motorcars charging and are completely insufficient for trucks that need up to 1 hour for full charging and additionally they need a special room where drivers may have a rest or take a shower. Thus, there is no infrastructure for electric trucks service.

The popularity of electric trucks among customers directly depends on convenience of their using.

Vion project suggests to construct 50 electric charging stations along the most important USA routes therefore implementation of electric trucks into the North America continent is possible only in case of appropriate infrastructure.

Vion project tends to change the American market of transportation minimizing expenses and making it eco-friendly.

We invite investors to take part in bringing the future come closer.