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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- A bigeye tuna weighing 167 pounds was caught in Miami Beach on January 18, 1957 by Jerry Mills. The record for a thresher shark in Florida is 544 pounds, 8 ounces. This fish was caught by James Weil on September 15, 1984. On June 13, 2009, Larry Maier caught a 126 pound Atlantic Sailfish in Big Pine Key.

"Sport fishing in Florida is very popular," stated Noah Chanin of VIP Fishing Charters. "In order to have success, a fisherman must determine what type of fish he or she is looking to catch, where to find these fish, what tackle to use and much more. Having this information makes it much easier to bring in the catch of a lifetime. If one doesn't have the time or resources to learn about the particular type of fish he or she wishes to catch, Miami Beach Fishing Charter Boat Trips can be of great assistance."

"When one books Fishing Charters in Florida," Mr. Chanin continues, "he or she gets a guide who can help them achieve the dream of catching a big game fish." Bull sharks are commonly found in shallow waters while Hammerhead sharks tend to feed on the bottom of the ocean. Marlins feed on a variety of fish while fishing for a wahoo requires strong and reliable fishing tackle which can withstand the force of the wahoo's sharp teeth and powerful jaws. "A guide knows this and will assist the customer in choosing the right bait, rod, reel and tackle for the type of fish being sought."

"Often, the equipment needed to catch sport fish is very expensive. If a customer doesn't have the funds to purchase this equipment or feel the expense is not justified as he or she doesn't do this type of fishing regularly, VIP Fishing Charters will help," Mr. Chanin goes on to say. "A variety of options are offered so each customer gets exactly what he or she needs for that particular trip. Whether Shark Fishing in Miami is desired or tuna fishing in Key West, we can assist the customer in making this happen by providing a boat suitable for the trip, equipment to increase the chances of landing a big one and bait needed to do so. Our goal is to help each customer catch the fish of his or her dreams."

About VIP Fishing Charters
VIP Fishing Charters is a personal fishing concierge service. The best fishing charters have been identified, through customer reviews, captain interviews, boat inspections and first hand fishing experiences. Each customer is matched with a charter that is based on that customer's individual needs and budget. VIP Fishing Charters is known for their local knowledge, legendary customer service and boat direct pricing so each customer gets the fishing trip of their dreams.

The staff at VIP Fishing Charters are boating and fishing enthusiasts. Their mission is to help each customer plan the best fishing trip. They know the market and help customers obtain discounts on fishing trips. The best price available is guaranteed. VIP Fishing Charters has a fleet which includes bay boats, small flats boats and multi-million dollar luxury fishing yachts. Whether a consumer wants flats fishing, bonefishing, deep sea fishing or backwater fishing, VIP Fishing Charters can be of assistance. Friendly and reliable expert guides help customers find the fish.