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VIP Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas Now to Accept Bitcoins as Legit Form of Payment

Plastic surgeon affirms the value of bitcoins as valid form of payment


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who serves in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, has recently announced that his practice, VIP Plastic Surgery, will now accept bitcoins as a bonafide form of payment for all offered plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentations, breast reductions, tummy tucks, fat grafting, butt augmentation and also facial surgeries: brow lifts, ear reshaping, chin augmentation, full facial lifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasty, brow lifts and more. Few plastic surgeons in the country are as sympathetic to the plight of aging women as Dr. Khorsandi, who has twice received national "Patient Choice Awards" and also, the nationally recognized "Compassionate Doctor Award." Dr. Khorsandi is pleased to be among the first surgeons in America to accept bitcoins as a form of payment for the surgical procedures his practice offers.

In his own words, Dr. Khorsandi had this to offer: "We at VIP Plastic Surgery ( recognize that people, both men as well as women, age through no fault of their own, and we also recognize that far too often, the appearance of the person who looks out of the mirror does not match the vivacity, energy level or youthfulness of the person looking in. Therefore it is our goal at VIP Plastic Surgery Center to bring into congruency the outer person with the inner person." The Las Vegas Herald recently ran a piece on the VIP Plastic Surgery Center, acknowledging the great service the practice imparts to the community. To put it in the words of Dr. Khorsandi, "VIP Plastic Surgery Center is happy to offer breast augmentation surgery in Las Vegas, but beyond that, our goal is to make women everywhere aware of their own intrinsic value, and of all that they have to offer to the region's community at large. Plastic surgery today offers everything from enhancement to functionality, and has grown to be decidedly mainstream."

Plastic Surgery has long been recognized as one of the rare forms of medicine that boasts the ability to actually improve a patient's self esteem. Plastic surgery, well performed, has almost magical powers to enhance the sense of well being of people who feel that their self worth is judged by their peers in the modern world. Plastic surgery levels the so-called playing field, and helps to bring a person's outer appearance into keeping with how he or she feels inside.

About VIP Plastic Surgery
VIP Plastic Surgery is the brainchild of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, a board approved plastic surgeon who practices in two states, Nevada and California. His training is among some of the most advanced in the nation, and in addition to cosmetic enhancement surgery, he also practices minimally invasive hand surgery as well as migraine relief. To date he has received recognition both in the form of Patient Choice Awards as well as in awards for personal compassion.