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VIP Quality Software Makes Announcement: New Small Business Management Software Now Available

VIP Quality software has recently announced their new small business management software that is now available to the general public.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- VIP Quality Software, a company who has been making software for years has recently announced new software that can be used for small business management. The name of the software is called CentriQS. VIP Quality Software believes that small businesses throughout the world can benefit from this software. CentriQS offers Database Solutions, helps Manage Customers and helps with Project Collaboration.

A major problem for small businesses is the fact that they are too big to use the basic tools available, yet too small for ERP software that is offered by market leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. CentriQS is the official software for small businesses.

CentriQS Features Include:

- Task Management: Prebuilt solution with all the best features for planning, scheduling and tracking projects and tasks.
- Dashboards: Businesses can display any important information on dashboards to monitor key performance indicators and see the big picture on all fronts.
- Folders and Links: Organize your business data into a structured catalog and add links to web pages, interrelate business data and much more.
- Layouts and Presets: Businesses can modify the default layout of any view. They can also load shared and personal layout presets.
- Permissions and Notifications: These features ensure that users have access to required data only and they are timely notified of all critical changes and events.
- Search: The full text search option will help individuals find the required data that has been stored in the database.

CentriQS Configurator will allow the users to customize the product for their business functions. It will also allow the user to centralize every type of data in one database. There are many positive comments posted on the Internet about this software. Users are stating “CentriQS has the potential of becoming the swiss-army knife of tomorrow.” Many users wonder if there is anything CentriQS cannot do. Readers are encouraged to visit: for more information.

About CentriQS
CentriQS is the new product available. It has been created by VIP Quality Software, the developer of products such as VIP Simple ToDo List, VIP Organizer and VIP Task Manager.

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