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Viral Vector: Could New Cutting-Edge Novel Allude to the Real Future of President's Drone Program


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- With the President’s controversial drone program rapidly picking up pace, the complicit approval of the American people is often used to mask the program’s secrecy, targeting and verified ‘kill list’. In a compelling new novel from Marcus McGee, this same concept is whittled down to a DNA-specific level to achieve the same results without the risk, expense or accountability of a drone program.

‘Viral Vector’ uses cutting-edge scientific and technological concepts to introduce readers to a new procedure that can weaponize human DNA and turn it on its host with precision timing and a clear certainty of death.


Viral Vector is the story of a group of billionaires who, after investing money, technology and political capital, have turned the “when” into “now.” They have perfected politically-motivated assassination to a pure DNA-specific science. It is the power over life and death – the power of a god, which goes beyond drones, which wreak havoc, death and destruction from the skies.

This novel begins with a discovery that Death Row inmates at San Quentin Prison in San Francisco are being quietly murdered and ends in a desperate effort to foil a plot against the White House. Utilizing gene therapy and an aggressive viral vector engineered specifically for the purpose, a group of billionaires seeks global power through discreet political assassination. In the backdrop of a presidential election and a justification based on the President’s drone program, protagonist Destiny Mitchell (from Legal Thriller) faces overwhelming odds.

A frantic 3:00 a.m. phone call from a condemned murderer drags Destiny into a sinister plot that threatens all she holds dear and results in heartbreaking personal tragedy. Racing against time, she and best friend/Chronicle reporter Kiyomi Yamakita are marked for death, outmatched, in the dark, and in need of a major break, which comes from a surprising source. Enjoy twist after twist right down to the provocative conclusion!

While seemingly far-fetched, the author makes it clear that such technology isn’t just a fantasy.

“The potential of utilizing such a weapon for assassination is real. In fact, a recent article in the Atlantic Monthly claimed that the U.S. Government is diligently collecting DNA from world leaders, while working to protect that of President Obama,” says McGee.

Continuing, “The book’s DNA potential really is the next best thing to a drone program. It achieves the same benefits while masking the malice. It isn’t detectable in any way, not even via an autopsy.”

McGee also believes that the timing for his book couldn’t be better.

“The debate about the morality and transparency of the president’s drone program is really heating up among lawmakers in Washington, the media and with the general public. This story involves a behind-the-scenes plot to fix the presidential election and use the power of the viral vector to control world politics.”’

With its popularity expected to soar as debate continues to stir, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Viral Vector’, published by Pegasus Books, is available now: http://www.pegasusbooks.net/portfolio-view/viral-vector/. The title is also available at bookstores globally and on the Internet as an eBook.

About the Author
Marcus McGee is a northern California based writer of novels, short stories and various dramatic works and has directed and produced several plays and short films. He is the author of No More Cheesecake! (musical), Dream (film), Willie: ¬ The Man, ¬ The Myth & ¬ The Era (political biography), of Four Stories (short stories), Legal ¬ Thriller (novel), Synchronicity, Shadow in the Sky, Moment of Truth, ¬ The Silk Noose, Mommy! There’s a Little Boy Under my Bed!, How to Eat an Elephant, Two Matadors, essays and other works. Look for An Old Negro Spiritual, to be released later this year.