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Viral Video Covers Are an Effective Form of Promotion According to Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Cover videos propel a relatively unknown singer’s song into a viral phenomenon


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- A pop singer remained high on the US singles charts last month even as covers of the song continue to appear online. Her “Call Me Maybe,” a song about an audacious introduction to a beautiful stranger, has sold 3.5M+ copies so far.

This song gained tremendous traction in February after a music star, his girlfriend, and a High School Musical alumnus posted a YouTube clip of themselves lip-syncing the song. The song’s owner was signed to a major record label shortly thereafter.

“‘Call Me Maybe’ has the elements of a good product—infectious hook and accessible lyrics—to begin with. It exponentially helped that this song received free advertising from celebrities with millions of followers,” commented K. Chatman, owner of the new website Marketing Strategies for Businesses.

The song continued to gain in popularity as others such as the bikini-clad Miami Dolphins cheerleaders produced call covers of it. These viral covers are tantamount to heavy rotation during today’s times as radio and music-video channels were for earlier generations. However, this form of viral marketing may be more effective since it is unsolicited and organic.

It is important for companies to realize that they cannot control online user generated content about their brands and so on. Instead they can influence it; small business advice a company should not forget. The record companies understand this dynamic and as a result did not take copyright protection action against the video covers.

“Record businesses believe these covers are more beneficial than harmful. They push the product in ways traditional marketing could not do. The link to iTunes on some of these videos also makes conversions more convenient,” Mr. Chatman said.

In hindsight, the phenomenon of viral covers teaches individuals the importance of getting influential early adopters, who do not need to be celebrities. It also illustrates the power of giveaways and how they can generate long-term benefits.

“These song covers are essentially freebies, but look where they have taken this artist now,” concluded K.A. Chatman.

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