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ViralFilmNetwork Gives Crowdfunded Film Projects Theatrical Distribution

ViralFilmNetwork, the innovative independent film distribution platform, has partnered with crowdfunding giant Indiegogo to launch an exciting new opportunity for filmmakers and film-lovers.


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- ViralFilmNetwork are not resting on their laurels after launching their ground-breaking film platform with the distribution of multi-award winning thriller 'Landmine Goes Click'. Their challenge to the traditional film studio model continues apace with a partnership with renowned creative crowdfunding pioneers Indiegogo.

In a move that will surely please supporters of both ventures, ViralFilmNetwork will leverage Indiegogo's partnership opportunity to offer crowdfunding filmmakers FREE theatrical screenings in the UK, New York and Los Angeles alongside distribution to the major online outlets.

This will be complemented by promotion through ViralFilmNetwork and its associated social media outlets. Again, there is no charge to the filmmaker, who can still take advantage of ViralFilmNetwork's enticing affiliate offer of £4 for each new sign-up the filmmaker brings to the site.

All that ViralFilmNetwork asks in return is for projects to buy-in to their ethos. Successful candidates will provide exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and access to the filmmakers, as well as let ViralFilmNetwork members make at least twenty filmmaking decisions throughout the production.

ViralFilmNetwork has clearly spotted a gap in the traditional perk-based crowdfunding model and will offer film-lovers the chance to meaningfully contribute to a film's production. The expectation is that this proposal will prove popular so, in true ViralFilmNetwork fashion, their members will review and vote for which projects are 'greenlit' for its Indiegogo partner page.

Now fans of exciting independent films will not only be able to support them through crowdfunding, but also enjoy the journey of production, through to the kudos of a theatrical release.

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About ViralFilmNetwork
ViralFilmNetwork is a new social media platform for film which allows members to participate in every aspect of a film's creation - from script to screen, in addition to unearthing exciting new independent films. The site officially launched on 28th January 2016. New users can try the site with a 30 day free trial. Monthly membership starts at £3.99 per month. Payment is available in UK Pounds, US Dollars and Euros.

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