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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2016 -- is a website that has been launched to provide readers with interesting information about viral videos, facts, viral stories and viral news from around the world. The website aims to educate people about the information the world of internet and social media is buzzing about.

The writers at meticulously search, verify and write about the latest most happening news and facts for readers who wish to know more about the pulse of the popular media besides the usual daily news and information found in the newspaper and television. Unbeknownst to many there are many unusual and viral things happening around the globe, some grabbing more attention than others. the topics include reviews of popular products that people on the internet are raving about.

A recent post on shares with readers about a massive bird that is being dubbed as one of the largest in the world, the article states: "We've seen some pretty strange and exotic birds before, all with incredible qualities that make them stand out from their fellow feathered friends. But among the birds of prey around the world, none are as mighty as the harpy eagle. These hulking creatures are large and in charge, and they do things a bit… differently than the rest of the bird kingdom. The harpy eagle is the largest and most powerful eagle, and can grow up to 42 inches long."

The Harpy eagle is certainly one of the more unusual looking birds in the animal kingdom only due to its amazing size and its powers as a bird of prey.

Besides articles and posts about viral happenings the website also features an array of different viral videos that have been sourced from all over the internet. People can also find many inspiring and viral videos and articles on ViralRang that are sure to motivate and provoke positivity.

The website is updated with new posts including viral news multiple times a day, every day which keeps the website alive and going all day long, which is perfect for people looking to kill sometime.

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