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Virginia Orthodontist Offers Complimentary Orthodontic Exams and Helps Support Local Animal Shelters

Dr. Leighton Wood is leading residents of Tennessee and Virginia in supporting animal shelters in the area by donating$50 for each patient who starts treatment. At the same time, he is offering free orthodontic exams to those who wish to have a healthy smile; learn more at


Kingsport, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2016 -- Dr. Leighton Wood, a highly reputed orthodontist, is encouraging his patients to improve their smile by offering them a free orthodontic exam and consultation.

Dr. Wood's gift includes the necessary x-rays required for the full orthodontic examination, as well as personalized advice on what treatment options are most suitable for each patient in dealing with crooked teeth and other dental issues.

For over 20 years, Dr. Wood has been creating healthy smiles for the young and old. According to the orthodontist, a lot of people have misconceptions about orthodontic treatment that compromise their oral health.

"For too many people, having crooked teeth is a simple matter of cosmetics. What they don't realize is that this often results in additional dental problems that can affect other parts of the body over time," he warned.

Additionally, many adults assume that orthodontic treatment has to involve wearing unsightly metal braces. Dr. Wood disagrees:

"Technological advancement has made it possible to straighten your teeth using clear braces; no one will know that you have them on unless you tell them," he pointed out.

Dr. Wood helps bring confidence back to local teens and adults through improving the health and quality of their smiles.

At the same time, Dr. Leighton Wood is helping local animal shelter by donating $50 for each new patient who starts treatment. In this way, locals get to participate in a worthy cause while getting the opportunity to straighten their teeth.

A growing number of people are unable to keep their pets as a result of financial constraints due to the economic challenges experienced nationally in the recent past. Many of these people have to surrender their pets to animal shelters that are already struggling to remain operational.

Additionally, a lot of these animals are either ill or injured, and are therefore in need of specialized care that usually comes at a high cost.

"Pets bring a lot of joy to their owners, so I think it's only fair that we take care of those animals that cannot get the much needed care they need. It's a community effort in which we should all participate," he said.

Dr. wood and staff provide relief to local animal shelter, while still servicing local with orthodontics.

For more information on Dr. Wood's animal shelter support campaign, please visit his website:

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