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Virginia Plumbing Company Announces Availability of Sewer Line Camera Inspections


Alexandria, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2016 -- 4FastPlumber, a family owned Virginia plumbing business with a large service territory extending from Alexandria to Washington D.C., has announced that it will be offering sewer line camera inspections as a service to customers.

Sewer line camera inspections will provide detailed inspections of sewer lines during a time of increased public awareness of the potential public health concerns caused by materials and chemicals that can be present in sewer lines. These concerns are particularly relevant to the service territory of 4FastPlumber, as Northern Virginia's Washington DC metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs rest on top of some of America's oldest sewer pipes.

Plumbers employed by 4FastPlumber and other companies servicing the sewer pipes of Virginia report that the pipes they service can be made from outmoded materials such as cast iron, ceramic, tar paper and even asbestos. Due to plumbing advances toward more efficient, reliable and safe material for sewer piping, such materials haven't been utilized in American piping construction since the early 1970s. Pipes of those materials that remain in use in this country, a disproportionate number of which are found in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area, are failing at increasing rates.

The potential failure—even the potential erosion in quality and effectiveness—of sewer piping can cause a mixture of health, safety and financial issues for those affected. 4FastPlumber's sewer line camera inspections, however, use waterproof cameras attached to flexible rods in order to visually inspect the sewer lines to either identify unknown issues or better comprehend and deal with existing issues. Even common issues such as clogs or backups can benefit from a camera inspection.

Using the advanced technology of sewer line camera inspections, 4FastPlumber intends to help its customers better understand the state of their sewers. Such knowledge of their sewer system will give both the plumber and the customer new insight into plumbing problems and solutions.

For over twenty years, 4FastPlumber has provided customers with service related to sewer lines and all other plumbing areas, including bathroom remodeling, fixture replacement, installation and replacement of water heaters, installation of sump pumps and emergency back up systems and drain cleaning.

The company has experience dealing with both urgent and preventive plumbing needs. 4FastPlumber provides emergency plumbers on stand-by for issues such as basement floodings, as well as experts who can diagnose or advise customers on longer-term issues.

They also cover a wide ranging service territory that extends beyond Washington D.C. to encompass a large swath of Northern Virginia, including Leesburg and Annandale. They strive to back up their flexibility in services provided and territories serviced with experienced and knowledgeable employees. 4FastPlumber employs master plumbers and master gas fitters who have added thousands of hours of study and training onto their years of hands-on experience.

About 4Fast Plumbing
4Fast Plumbing is equipped to serve the sewer line and plumbing needs of metropolitan, suburban and rural Northern Virginia. Residents can learn more about their sewer line camera services and find more information on their website at

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