Joe Bragg Helps Visitors Choose Between Two of the Top UK Fibre Optic ISP's


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Choosing an internet service provider can be difficult. When reading the advertising for two different ISPs, it seems like each one offers the fastest speeds, lowest prices, and most reliable service. For that reason, choosing the best ISP is rarely an easy process.

That’s a problem that seeks to solve. At, visitors will find a detailed comparison between two of the top service providers in the United Kingdom: Virgin Media and BT Infinity.

Both of these ISPs offer fibre optic broadband service, which is the fastest internet currently available to consumers in the UK. While Virgin Media has been offering internet services for years, BT Infinity is the ‘new kid on the block’ that aims to win over customers with higher speeds and lower prices.

The homepage of compares the two leading ISPs based on a number of different factors. The first and most important factor is speed. But instead of simply listing the advertised speeds of the plans offered by each company, lists the advertised speeds along with the independently tested average speeds.

A spokesperson for the Virgin Media or BT comparison site explains why it’s so important to list both the average speeds and the independently tested speeds:

“As visitors to our website have discovered, there tends to be a significant difference between the speeds that ISPs advertise and the speeds that visitors can actually access. When it comes to 30Mb internet plans, the deviation is small and relatively unnoticeable. But when it comes to higher bandwidth plans, the difference is significant. Virgin Media offers a 100Mb plan, for example, that only offers 85.7Mb to 90.9Mb bandwidth when tested by an independent third party.”

After testing the two ISPs based on speed, the website moves on to discuss traffic shaping and bandwidth. Traffic shaping is practiced by Virgin Media, although it’s not practiced by BT Infinity. Traffic shaping refers to the hidden speed limits imposed by ISPs on those who download a lot of traffic online. These download limits aren’t advertised, making it difficult for users to determine the actual speeds they are receiving.

Finally, the website compares the pricing offered by each service provider along with a roundup of all included features and bonuses. While BT Infinity offers slightly higher pricing than Virgin Media, the website argues that this extra pricing does not outweigh the other benefits of the service, including faster speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and native English-speaking tech support centres. That makes BT Infinity the winner of this comparison.

After visitors read the BT vs Virgin Media roundup, they can sign up for BT Infinity directly through the website. The website also features a link to Virgin Media’s subscription page for those who aren’t convinced.

About compares two of the top fibre optic service providers in the United Kingdom – Virgin Media and BT Infinity. The website colourfully compares the two providers based on speed, pricing, and extra features. To see which provider wins, please visit: