Virool Scam Detection System Continues to Improve

Virool dedicated to coupling its YouTube video marketing services with unmatched scam and fraud protection.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- San Francisco based video marketing company Virool has set out to ensure that its video advertising services deliver the highest quality, real, human views. By utilizing a slew of new, high-tech detection systems, the Virool Scam department hopes to once and for all put an end to all fraud. With these new systems in place, advertisers can rest easy knowing their videos will receive genuine human views and not malicious bots intent on defrauding the system.

Top Virool Scam and Fraud Concerns

The new system to be unveiled by Virool will be able to tackle a slew of prominent scam and fraud concerns via the following technological mechanisms:

Filtering of IP Addresses: The system will house a comprehensive list of IP addresses associated with fraudulent viewers. Every single one of these addresses will be immediately and indefinitely blocked from accessing any and all videos shown on the Virool network. This list will be expanded over time as new threats become evident.

Detection of Suspicious Behavior: The new Virool Scam system will also employ complex behavior analysis algorithms to root out suspicious and potentially harmful activity. Any viewers who engage in such behavior and are identified as non-desirable will immediately be blocked from all Virool networks.

Reviews of Publishers: Publishers will also be subjugated to strict behavior analysis. If a publisher’s activities trigger any warnings, the Virool team will immediately investigate the issue to determine why warnings were triggered. If the publisher is found to be engaging in bad behavior, the publisher will be removed from the network.

Transparent Tracking: A new tracking system will also permit greater network transparency via the use of tracking pixels. These pixels will allow customers to track exactly when and where their videos are being watched.

Dedicated Service: Last but not least, the new Virool Scam department will be adding a slew of account managers and support representatives. It will be their job to maintain a steady line of communication with all publishers and advertisers.

As the market adapts and new threats emerge the Virool Scam and Fraud Protection system will continue to be adapt and improve.

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About Virool
Virool is a video promotion company that utilizes full transparency and detailed analytics to provide industry leading YouTube video marketing services to clients all across the world. With Virools massive seed round and rapid growth Virool is set to be the next big hit in advertising. Videos entered into the Virool system are distributed on publisher websites, publisher games and publisher apps for the purpose of inspiring greater interest in the video itself.

With over 20,000 direct publishers Virool can deliver views for any clientele, ranging from small self-serve users to international brands. Furthermore, with the addition of the new Virool Scam and Fraud Protection system, customers are guaranteed that all viewers of their videos will be genuine human views.

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