Virtu-TV Seeks Content and Distribution Partners for New All-Device Media Broadcast Technology

The original creators of internet media broadcast come together to deliver the next generation of live TV and on-demand media to any device world-wide.


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- All the live, and on-demand, TV people want on their device: $5.00 per month? Virtu-TV rents out a virtual living room equipped with its own virtual TV. People can use the antenna, screen or DVR from anyplace they can connect.

“You, your family, and friends, can legally watch a movie, video-on-demand or tv program at the same time and share the laughs, screams and comments just like you do in any living room”.

Using fancy patented technology like quantum processing, peer-to-peer and CRM, Virtu-TV believes they have overcome the technical and legal hurdles to deliver true, unlimited local and broad network TV to the digital world. Each subscriber gets their own digital TV. Their system is partially server-less and works better, the more people are on it.

It's this easy:

1. Join
2. Set-Up up a broadcast schedule
3. Enjoy the fun

There will only be ads in some of the shows that broadcasters have embedded in the broadcasts. Other shows and movies will not have ads.

Virtu-TV’s DV-Virtual Antenna(tm), DV-Virtual Screen(tm) and DV-Virtual DVR(tm) offer advantages not found online before.

All aspects of the technology have been tested in various apps for over 3 years. Virtu-TV is currently seeking licensing and marketing partners. The company is particularly interested in partners in Asia, Europe and Africa.

About Virtu-TV
Virtu-TV ( is a start-up technology company with staff in 6 U.S. cities and Tokyo. Brought by the original engineers, technicians and architects behind: Napster, Bittorent, Akamai, CBS Online, SBC Internet, Digital Fountain, Serval, New America and other web media leaders. The same people that created internet media 1.0 wants people to get ready for Broadcast IP 3.0

Robert Easter