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Virtual CoinBox Is an on-Line Marketplace That Uses Bitcoins and PayPal


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Bitcoins may very well be the marketing currency of the future. Because bitcoins use an open-source, peer-to-peer system that enables users buy, sell and exchange currency without a third-party administrator, fees are much lower than credit cards. And because there is no ID number to steal, many believe that bitcoins are a more secure way to do business.

Bitcoins also make it possible for people to send payments without revealing their identities.

The problem with bitcoins is that the on-line shopping opportunities are limited and conversion to cash can sometimes be difficult.

Sam Paniagua, an entrepreneur in Miami, Fla., has the solution. He is in the process of building Virtual CoinBox, the first true bitcoin marketplace that allows buyers to pay with bitcoins and enables sellers to cash out with PayPal.

“There are many flaws with current on-line marketplaces,” explained Paniagua, the company’s CEO. “Virtual CoinBox was created to offer on-line users a simpler, yet more comprehensive, shopping experience. Not only is the selection of products very extensive but our site connects buyers who want to spend bitcoins with sellers who don’t have the means to accept them.”

Buyers who sell merchandise on Virtual CoinBox are able to easily exchange their credits for cash via PayPal. In addition, Virtual CoinBox offers a simple categorization system and superior navigation, enabling shoppers to find products quickly and easily.

Since this is a new and highly innovative service, Virtual CoinBox is focused on strict quality control and provides 24/7 technical assistance.

Setting up this type of cutting-edge service, however, requires significant funding. Paniagua’s start-up budget is $25,000 and in order to generate this capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. Those who make contributions of $85 will receive Virtual CoinBox T-shirts. For a $150 pledge, backers will receive early access to the beta site, which is scheduled for an August 2014 launch.

“Virtual CoinBox is committed to providing an exceptional on-line shopping experience,” said Paniagua. “We offer an exceptionally large number of products, faster processing and a secure system for using bitcoins.”

For additional information, visit or the Virtual CoinBox website,

To reach Paniagua directly send an e-mail to or use the secure form on the Virtual CoinBox website.

About Virtual Coinbox
Virtual CoinBox was created to offer online users simpler yet more comprehensive online shopping. From a simple consumer product to premium products, Virtual CoinBox enables you to sell it all on a massive online marketplace. Driven by customer desires and our core principles, Virtual CoinBox is a company that aims to offer an unparallel online shopping to everyone.

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