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Virtual Concierge Touch Screen Advertising Kiosks Come to Amsterdam via TouchscreenAdvertising.nl


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Amsterdam business advertising has just taken a giant step forward with the rollout of the ADAM Virtual Concierge touch screen kiosks, which give Amsterdam businesses and hotels the ability to provide tourists with shopping and business information at their fingertips. The touch screen advertising technology by TouchScreenAdvertising.nl brings a highly affordable and highly visible advertising platform to Amsterdam businesses with kiosks located in three, four and five-star hotel lobbies, train stations, shopping areas and other high foot-traffic areas throughout the city.

As touch screen advertising experiences rapid growth throughout the U.S., UK and Germany, Amsterdam now joins the cutting-edge wave with the introduction of the ADAM virtual concierge kiosk. The rollout of ADAM Virtual Concierge is expected to fill the easy information access/low cost business advertising void with the latest destination information for businesses, shopping, restaurants, bargains and attractions. “With the ability of the kiosks to offer immediate response and direct communication, this technology gives businesses the best local marketing machine for attracting new clients,” said TouchScreenAdvertising.nl CEO Andrei Tanasuca.

Users will be able to browse through content and guides with all of the business’s details on the screen as well as providing them with the ability to advertise discounts and coupons. The screens will be located in four and five-star hotel lobbies and highly populated places around Amsterdam. Touch screen advertising is placed on kiosk monitors in areas with high foot traffic, like shopping malls, airport terminals, and train stations.

While the kiosks will soon be indispensable to tourists, the potential for businesses will be unprecedented. Businesses advertising via the kiosks will get high-profile advertising that is up to 50-percent cheaper than regular ads and reaches their customers when they are ready to find that great restaurant, service or one-of-a-kind gift to take home from their Amsterdam vacation. The kiosks also provide advertisers with a green way to advertise as announcements and offers can be changed when they want, which represents a massive savings of paper and printing costs per year.

For greater customization and targeting, TouchScreenAdvertising.nl can provide kiosks with different screen sizes for rent to events, fairs or for any business that wants to showcase their products in a new and efficient way. This allows creation of custom-made applications that fit advertiser needs such as product catalogs, client surveys, store locators and much more.

In the coming months, TouchScreenAdvertising.nl will also be rolling out an Android and IOS App where people can check different locations, rates, reviews and much more. Businesses can be in the pocket of every consumer with the Smartphone app and via their business directory website available anywhere there is Internet access. “People love their Smartphones and gadgets with touch screen technology, so we decided to be the first touch advertising in Amsterdam to benefit businesses and consumers,” said Tanasuca. For more information, please visit http://www.TouchScreenAdvertising.nl

About TouchScreenAdvertising.nl
TouchScreenAdvertising.nl was founded in mid-2012 to bring touch screen advertising technology to Amsterdam in service of businesses and tourists. The company recently began the rollout of ADAM, a virtual concierge kiosk that puts restaurant, shopping and other destination businesses at the fingertips of tourists with a Smartphone app soon to follow. Businesses benefit by having a very inexpensive and immediate advertising medium with kiosk placed at three, four and five- star hotel lobbies, train stations, shopping districts and other high foot traffic destinations.