Virtual Pharmaceutical Promotion for Doctors All in Your Mind or Is It


Silicon Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- The Pharmaceutical industry has been peddling its wares, i.e.: medications to physicians by attractive and highly paid pharmaceutical representatives. The consensus today from the medical community is that they do not have any time to interact with these sales people. In fact 25% of these physicians say they do not want to be bothered and need to tend to their patients. Sales representatives are viewed by many in the medical community as an interrupt / disrupt to the physicians and staff. The purpose for the live Pharmaceutical sales representative is all for basically what? Giving the benefit of the doubt here, we can be kind here, after all representatives do offer a 15-45 second mumbling of their product(s) benefits and socialize with the office staff over hair, nail, and beauty shopping sprees. Oh but yes of course, representatives do drop off samples, literature and feed the office staff lunch to gain access to the physicians. A very expensive way of doing business, would you not agree?

The average cost for one pharmaceutical sales representative for a company with salary / bonus and benefits is upwards of $140,000 per year. Multiply that cost by the hundreds of representatives who promote just one brand and you will agree, the old fashioned way of marketing branded drugs is just not keeping up with the 21st century, until now!

The i Envision Group, LLC, a pharmaceutical consulting / marketing company, based in the Silicon valley in N. California, has just launched pharmaceutical promotion in to the 21st century! A new, state of the art, novel, virtual sales platform, developed with help from people from around the globe, named nonetheless,, has been launched. This new application enables physicians to link online, at the customer’s leisure, not on the demands of a Pharmaceutical representative or tele-marketer. The physician can request samples; ask to attend an informational program, report back to the company, view product presentations, clinical information, and so much more. Accessed by a computer, iPad, iPhone or Android / Microsoft operating device, all on the customers schedule, 24/7/365 days per year. Virtually anything that a live sales representative can do, can do better and more efficiently.

This system is a win-win for both the prescriber and pharmaceutical manufacturer. Physician’s gains valuable prescribing information while the manufacturers gain un-opposed access with their customers. Amongst those many benefits to the company is data coming back to them, cutting of expenditures, filling vacant territories, coverage for new product launches or giving exposure to that brand that has been placed in harvest mode.

With the unmet need and ability to offer the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical manufacturers another voice, in their noisy world, is bound to be a hit! This new approach (patent pending, US Govt. Patent Office) goes beyond that of current channels of promotion that are out there today. The interactive, virtual system takes sales to yet another level.

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