Avid Mobile

Virtual Punch Card Eliminates Waste and Fraud

Virtual punch cards and industry changer.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- Punch cards are a time honored and effective strategy to maintain and reward repeat customers. Major chains across the world use cardboard punch cards to ensure loyalty. But they present a few problems. Customers can easily lose them, they can be duplicated or handed out by unscrupulous employees, they aren’t eco-friendly and they represent a significant investment and reinvestment pattern that can cause them to cost more than they help. Avid Mobile has invented the perfect solution to all of these problems, while retaining the ease and effectiveness of standard punch cards. Their Virtual Punch Cards application is revolutionizing the way punch card business is handled.

By moving the appeal of the punch card to an easy to use SMS format, Avid Mobile has taken the concept out of the wallet, and moved it into a fully functioning virtual model. Customers need only punch in their phone number once. They will receive a coupon code via text message every time they shop. Once they accrue enough coupon codes, that they can easily enter them into an SMS linked website, they receive a done time digital coupon digital coupon, complete with barcode.

Because there is no labor involved, no paper or ink cost, and largely only server space to consider digital coupons are far cheaper than cardboard coupons. They can also dramatically reduce a business’ carbon footprint almost overnight opening the door to other savings. In a largely green economy customers appreciate the effort, and the extra wallet space. They are easy to understand and anyone with a SMS ready phone can easily access and use these digital punch cards. The can also reduce graft, and the option for graft to occur. With no physical card and no chance to reuse the one use digital coupon, the savings are across the board.

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