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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to Create Lucrative Opportunities for Providers of Centralised Workstations : FMI

Future Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Centralised Workstations Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018-2028"report to their offering


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2019 -- Centralised workstations are used across diverse industries for a large number of applications in design and engineering. The need for centralised computing to manage diverse enterprise systems and facilitate data processing at a single, centralised location is driving revenue growth of the global centralised workstations market. According to Future Market Insights analysis, centralised workstations is anticipated to be a US$ 26 Bn market by the close of 2028, from just about US$ 10 Bn estimated by the end of 2018. A growth rate of 9.8% recorded during 2018 – 2028 is the result of increasing adoption across multiple industry verticals.

Dynamics Impacting Growth of the Global Centralised Workstations Market

Some of the key factors boosting revenue growth of the centralised workstations market have been elucidated in Future Market Insights' detailed report on this market.

Limited bandwidth requirements and low network interruptions: Centralised workstations do not require very high bandwidth and can be upgraded with very little network interruptions. Upgrades to the core enterprise system can be enabled at the central server without disturbing individual client systems. Updates to the centralised server trickle down to individual clients, thereby reducing downtime in updating individual systems. Further, different applications of centralised workstations can be unlocked as and when there is a requirement, which ensures that the bandwidth is not choked up with surplus files. This reduces bandwidth utilisation resulting in optimised server costs and enhanced performance.

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Reduced chances of data theft: Once disconnected from the core network architecture, centralised workstations do not hold memory for data storage. This means previously stored data is locked and cannot be accessed when the centralised workstation is removed from the network. This reduces chances of data theft.

Low consumption of energy and reduced expenditure on hardware: Centralised workstations require relatively low energy to perform. Integrating centralised workstations helps reduce energy load on enterprise IT systems. This significantly reduces IT infrastructure costs, resulting in big-time savings for organizations. Centralised workstations also reduce costs incurred on account of upgrades to system hardware as in this case, only the central server requires to be updated at regular periods of time and individual workstations can access these updates automatically.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to Create Lucrative Opportunities for Providers of Centralised Workstations

VR and AR are expected to emerge as the next generation computing platforms. Providers of centralised workstations need to focus on these technologies to drive revenue in the global market. AR and VR have the potential to alter the personal computing user experience on the back of rapid technological advancements in information technology. According to Future Market Insights analysis, these areas are anticipated to be the next computing frontiers to watch out for and key players in the centralised workstations market should factor in AR and VR in their solution offerings.

Future Market Insights Recommends…

With several players entering the lucrative market for centralised workstations with cost-effective solutions, Future Market Insights recommends key players to customize their offerings to suit the varied requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. Centralised workstations typically find deployment in large enterprises that have the necessary technology maturity and financial buy-in. Companies in the global centralised workstations market should consider the somewhat growing acceptance of small and medium businesses towards this new technology and infrastructure and map their solution offerings with the emerging business needs of small and medium businesses.

With centralised workstations finding mainstream application in the media and entertainment sector, solution providers need to have an accelerated focus on R&D and innovation in the design and deployment of centralised workstations and related components to facilitate seamless deployments in engineering and designing applications.

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